Us 17 Great Lakes Chapter

The Great Lakes Chapter of JETAA is 15 years old and has a total registered membership of 130 members. Executive officers are elected for two-year terms that begin in April.

After electing four new officers, our chapter has created three sub-chapters to better connect members in our two-state region of Michigan and Ohio. Each sub-chapter has an ambitious schedule of events to re-energize membership who may be unaware of opportunities to connect with other members or experience Japanese culture in their communities.

In addition to the website and facebook groups that keep members connected, a newsletter will be revived to make members more aware of the new activities being undertaken by the chapter, promoting more participation, and distributing vital Japanese-related news and information happening in our two-state jurisdiction.

Our chapter benefits greatly by the strong and vibrant Japanese community in Michigan and Ohio, which is supported by the Consulate General of Japan in Detroit. The Great Lakes Chapter is partnering with these valuable resources to give members as much opportunity to fulfill their yearnings for Japanese culture and to offer their own experiences to grow the community.

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