Social Hour


Social hour, happy hour, meet & greets. This is what JETs do best: socialize. The social hour event is designed to be less formal than some of the other suggestions in the Events section, but may be one of your chapter's best attended activities. Social hours tend to be held after 5pm on a weeknight for the professional crowd. It is an excellent opportunity to network with former JETs and others with Japan-related interests. This is also a good way to provide information to those interested in applying to the JET Program in a casual setting.

Time / Location to hold event

Social hours can be at any bar, pub, restaurant, or cafe depending on what is popular in your region. Consider having a monthly or quarterly social hour that rotates to various locations in your metro area. The New York JETAA chapter often posts social hours on their website and do an excellent job of planning events throughout NYC so that various members can attend.

The social hour should be planned for a shorter time, perhaps an hour or two— or just long enough to wait out traffic.


Invite other Japan-focused groups or groups with a travel or international interest. Suggestions include local university Japanese classes or clubs, the Japan America Society, and various study abroad or work abroad organizations (like the Returned Peace Corps Volunteers or Semester at Sea Alumnae).

As this is a casual chance to interact and converse with members, take the opportunity to gather feedback on what the membership would like to see in future programming.

For groups who plan to make the social hour a monthly event, ask if there is a member who would be willing to take on the planning responsibility or at least assist the social coordinator.

If you anticipate that larger numbers of JETAs will be attending, notify the restaurant or pub in advance (particularly for parties of 8 or more) so that they can prepare for your arrival. As well, if the venue has a cover charge, the manager may be willing to wave it for larger groups. Ask about discounts and specials.

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