Returners Event


The Returners Event can be anything your chapter decides from an overnight camping excursion to an afternoon barbecue to a night of sushi and karaoke. The goal is simply to welcome back JETs who have completed their contracts and are returning to the area. A list of returnees who will be moving to your area should be provided by the JET Program Coordinator.

Time / Location to hold event

JET contracts end in July. However, as JETs often travel before returning home, events in July and August tend to be poorly attended by the returnees, the guests of honor. Therefore, chapters report most success with events held in September and October. This time frame allows JETs to travel, get home, and become acclimated before diving in to JETAA activities.

On the other hand, however, be careful of planning the returners event too late in the year. As the saying goes, "get em while they're hot." Make sure that the chapter is at least contacting new returnees via email to let them know of upcoming events. It's important to remind returners that they will experience the reverse culture shock phase of adjustment, and JETAA chapter members will be kindred spirits to help during the assimilation.


Post events on the chapter website well in advance. Many returnees to do not go back to their departure point or do not register with the consulate so you may not have an accurate or comprehensive list of who is moving into your region. However, returnees may seek out the chapter and will want to see an updated events list on the website.

Plan icebreaker activities. Just like English class, this forced interaction helps the new returnees get to know the existing members. It also forces members out of their comfort zones and reminds them to talk to the potential new members.

Another idea is to hold the returners event in tandem with networking events or resume workshops. All the returnees will be worried about one thing: finding a job. If your chapter has a relationship with a Japanese recruitment firm, such as Pasona International or Interesse, inquire as to whether they would be able to co-host the event. Most likely, the answer will be yes as this is a chance for them to access a new pool of potential recruits.

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