Nabe Party


Yum! Nabe. It seems that JETAA groups are doing alot of eating. But sensory memory can take us right back to the JET experience like it was yesterday. Nabe parties allow everyone to participate in the preparation and cooking, as well as the eating. Simple nabe recipes can be found online. Or, ask a local member of the Japanese community to be the head chef for the evening.

Time / Location to hold event

Nabe parties are usually held during the winter months. Chapters report using the homes of various members as the most typical locations, however, schools, churches, and community centers are also possible options. If using a public space, especially a school or church, make sure to inquire about and adhere to policies regarding alcohol on the premises.


A complete list of groceries and needed supplies is important. Purchasing items at the local Asian market or farmer's market will be the most cost effective option. For 2008, JETAASE was able to purchase all food-related items for approximately $120 with 28 guests attending. Ask attendees to bring drinks and/or snacks.

Have at least two nabe pots and consider having one vegetarian option.

Other comments

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