JETAA International


JETAAi or JETAA International provides a central point of communication, facilitates exchange of resources, knowledge and talent, and helps promote the JET Programme and alumni Chapters around the world. It's mission is to draw on its diverse membership to enhance ties amongst the peoples of Japan and the participant countries of the JET Programme.


  • JETAA-I serves as the worldwide communication hub for both Chapters and individual alumni, as well as businesses and organizations throughout the world.
  • JETAA-I facilitates the sharing of resources across Chapters, ensuring that JET Programme participants and alumni are able to benefit from the wealth of experience that JETAA members can offer.
  • JETAA-I helps promote and develop the JET Programme and its many alumni Chapters through recruitment, training, research and by raising awareness of the JET Programme and Japan.
  • JETAA-I harnesses the talents and experience of its diverse membership to benefit Japan and the international community.


Please visit to visit the JETAAi website.

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