JapanFest in the southeast is hosted by the Consulate General of Japan in Atlanta in conjunction with the Japan America Society of Georgia. Most regions served by a consulate have some similar event to JapanFest. It is a huge undertaking and JETAASE's role is largely two-fold:
1. to support the consulate and recruit volunteers
2. to operate the JET Program booth, providing information for potential applicants

Hundreds or groups are involved in JapanFest to promote Japanese culture in the southeast. There are booths promoting language classes, exchange programs, Japanese businesses and retailers, and all things Japan. In addition, there is a two-day schedule of events showcasing Japanese cooking, ikebana, bonsai, archery, judo, and dozens of other activities.

Time / Location to hold event

Typically, this will be decided by the host organization.


For more information, see www.japanfest.org.

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