Most chapters have two sources of primary funding:

Additional sources of funding can include:

  • Membership dues - Several chapters have found that having a small fee in the $10 range has worked for both raising money and keeping people more engaged in the chapter.
  • Other methods of fundraising - Fundraising Guide

Please go to the Banking page for more information on handling chapter money.

CLAIR Funding

Article 1: Purpose
The JET Programme Alumni Association, hereafter JETAA, is a self-governing organization for people who have participated on the JET Programme. The
Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (hereafter CLAIR) seeks to support activities undertaken by JETAA chapters which help to promote internationalization
at the local level and contribute to the smooth operation of the JET Programme.
Article 2: Qualifying for CLAIR grant-in-aid
In order to qualify for CLAIR grant-in-aid, JETAA chapters must fulfill the following conditions.
1. In principle, have fifty or more members;
2. Have a set of bylaws for the administration of the chapter;
3. Have a chapter representative;
4. Implement chapter activities.
Article 3: Activities that qualify for funding under CLAIR grant-in-aid
1. Newsletters and other activities that contribute to the circulation of information among chapter members
2. Job fairs or other activities which provide support to former JET participants in the search for future employment
3. Other activities that contribute to the smooth operation of the JET Programme and are deemed appropriate by CLAIR
Article 4: Amount of CLAIR grant-in-aid
The amount of the CLAIR grant-in-aid received must be within the level of expenses needed to carry out the chapter’s activities. Each chapter consisting of between 50 and 200 members and meeting the CLAIR grant-in-aid requirements are eligible to receive up to a maximum amount of 200,000 yen. Chapters that exceed 200 members and claim the maximum amount of the CLAIR grant-in-aid will receive 1,000 yen for each additional member. The maximum grant in this case is 1,000,000 yen. For accounting simplicity, funding for chapters with over 200 members will be rounded up to 10,000 yen units. (e.g., a chapter with 234 members will receive 200,000 yen + 40,000 yen=240,000 yen.) The specific amount of grant according to the number of members is listed below:

Number of Members Amount of Subsidy (unit: Japanese Yen)
50 - 200 (min 50 members) 200,000
201 - 210 210,000
211 - 220 220,000
221 - 230 230,000
231 - 240 240,000
241 - 250 250,000
251 - 990 260,000 - 990,000 (10,000 yen for each additional 10 members)
over 991 1,000,000

Article 5. Applying for CLAIR grant-in-aid
JETAA chapters are required to submit the JETAA Grant-in-aid Application Form 1 with the bylaws of the chapter, a member list and budget paper by April 28th of each year to the CLAIR overseas office that has jurisdiction over the chapter (hereafter overseas office). The member list should include the organization to which the member is affiliated organization, (company, university, and so on). You do not have to fill this out for all members, but please try to list one for as many as possible. If you do not list any organization names, we may not provide grant-in-aid.”
Sample of Members List
Article 6: Decisions on approval for CLAIR grant-in-aid
1. After examining all participants, CLAIR headquarters in Tokyo (hereafter CLAIR, Tokyo) will decide whether each application is approved or rejected and determine the amount of the grant.
2. Upon reaching a decision, CLAIR, Tokyo will notify JETAA chapters of approval or rejection of their grant-in-aid application through the overseas office by means of the JETAA Grant-in-aid Payment Decision Notice (Form2).
Article 7: Use of CLAIR grant-in-aid
1. JETAA chapters cannot use CLAIR grant-in-aid for projects and purposes other than those that were listed on the JETAA Grant-in-aid Application (Form 1) without gaining the approval of CLAIR.
2. If a JETAA chapter would like to use CLAIR grant-in-aid for projects and purposes other than those that were listed on the JETAA Grant-in-aid Application (Form 1), the representative must submit a JETAA Grant-in-aid Usage Change Application (Form 3).
3. Upon receiving the JETAA Grant-in-aid Usage Change Application (Form 3), CLAIR will review the application and decide whether or not to approve the request to change the way in which funds are used. CLAIR will notify the JETAA chapter representative of the decision to approve or reject the application for change of use of funds by means of the JETAA Grant-in-aid Usage Change Decision Notice (Form 4).
Article 8: JETAA chapter activity reports and payment of CLAIR grant-in-aid
1. JETAA chapters must submit the JETAA Chapter Activity Report and Grant-in-aid Payment Application (Form 5) by December 28th of each fiscal year.
2. After receiving Form 5, CLAIR, Tokyo will finalize the amount of the grant-in-aid and in sending the JETAA Grant-in-aid for Payment Confirmation Notice (Form 6) notify JETAA chapters of the approval or rejection of their application and deliver payment of CLAIR JETAA grant-in-aid.
Article 9: Prepayment of CLAIR grant-in-aid
1. Prepayment of CLAIR grant-in-aid may be approved in certain cases.
2. JETAA chapters that require prepayment of CLAIR JETAA grant-in-aid must submit the JETAA Grant-in-aid Prepayment Application (Form 7) with Application Form 1.
3. In cases where CLAIR has approved prepayment of CLAIR grant-in-aid, payment will be limited to 80% of the total amount.
Article 10: Repayment of CLAIR grant-in-aid
In relation to Article 8, Item 2, if the amount of CLAIR grant-in-aid that has been prepaid to the JETAA chapter exceeds the amount that the chapter has stated that it will use in the fiscal year; the JETAA chapter will have to repay the difference plus any charges for the exchange and transfer of said funds.

CLAIR Grant-In-Aid Timeline
For the 2008 Grant year which runs from April 1st, 2008 until March 31st, 2009:

May 15, 2008 Submit JETAA Grant - In - Aid Application Forms 1 and 7 (optional)
Notification of Approval or Rejection Form 2
Late December 2008 Submit Activity Report and CLAIR JETAA Grant-In-Aid Payment Application Form 5
Confirmation, Transfer of GIA by electronic bank transfer Form 6
March 31, 2008 Submit final receipts for confirmation notice and payment of GIA Form 6
Anytime Submit JETAA GIA Usage Change Application Form 3
Recieve approval or rejection of GIA Usage Change Application Form 4

MOFA Funding

Every consulate handles funding in a slightly different manner, please contact your local consulate for instructions on how to handle the funding process. For a list of consulates please click here

Country Representative Funding

  • Funding is for countries with multiple chapters
  • The max amount 10,000 yen times the number of chapters in the country
  • For countries with more than one country rep, there will be an even distribution of the money between the reps
  • Airfare, travel expenses, telephone charges, online communication, other expenses deemed appropriate by CLAIR
  • Also good in conjunction to multi-chapter conference funding to participation in multi-chapter conferences
  • If the country rep changes during the FY, the old and new representatives will transfer the funds to new country rep. Use Form 3 to do this transfer. Rounding up or down to nearest 10,000 yen. Based on time. In principle, the amount transferred will be based on total amount of time served by each rep based on time during the FY.
  • The person handling the country rep funding is unspecific, it could go to the country rep directly or through the chapter.
  • CLAIR is soliciting input on how the funding is used by the country reps from the local chapters. The hope is that the chapter officers are providing oversight on how this funding is used. CLAIR is certainly interested on input on funding.
  • How this funding is handled should be handled on a country by country basis, so the US chapters can make their own decision about how this funding will be handled.
  • Due to timing issues the transfer of funds is not equitable with regards to the expenses but this will be worked out over this year.
  • Currently the money has not been transferred yet, however it has been applied for.
  • Any chapter applying for this funding in GIA must send copy of bylaws or rules for electing country representative with the request. The bylaws of course will be a national set of rules. Currently we are using international rules, however we should develop a set of rules.
  • Any chapter applying for remainder of funds in the case that the country rep changes must send in some form of documentation showing how the choice was made and proving this choice.
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