JETAA USA Structure And Chapters


JETAA USA is a grounds up organization, i.e. each of the chapters has full control over their organizations and while there are national and international levels to JETAA, final authority for any particular region lays within the chapter in that region.

US Organization

Chapter List

JETAA USA currently has 18 chapters as follows:

Chapter Website URL No. of Sub-chapters
US 1 DC Chapter None
US 2 NY Chapter 1
US 3 New England Chapter None
US 4 Southeast Chapter None
US 5 Mid-South Chapter None
US 6 Florida Chapter None
US 7 Chicago Chapter None
US 8 Heartland Chapter 5
US 9 Houston Chapter 6
US 10 Rocky Mountain Chapter 2
US 11 Seattle Chapter 1
US 12 Portland Chapter None
US 13 Northern California Chapter None
US 14 Southern California Chapter None
US 15 Hawaii Chapter None
US 16 Alaska Chapter None
US 17 Great Lakes Chapter None
US 18 Minnesota Chapter None

US based Consulates and Japanese Government Offices

These chapters are supported by two elements of the Japanese Government:

  • The Japan Local Government Center (JLCG) is one of the overseas offices of CLAIR and is commonly referred to as CLAIR NY ( CLAIR’s main affiliation is with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC), although CLAIR is not technically a part of the ministry. CLAIR works with MIC, MOFA, and MEXT on JET Program implementation (and with MOFA on JETAA).
  • The local Ministry of Foreign Affairs' ( Japanese embassy/consulates/consular offices in:
City Website URL
Washington D.C.
Los Angeles
New York
San Francisco

History of JETAA

For an extensive organizational history of JETAA prepared by Matthew Gillam please refer to the following file. JETAA History.doc This file has information about the origins of the JET Alumni Association as well as the previous national and internation conferences that have been held until 2007.


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