Conferences and other forms of communication

International Conference

The international conference has been held annually since 1995. Initially it was attended by a rep from each chapter, however recently due to financial contraints, only country reps and JETAA international officers attend the meetings. Every 5th year, each chapter will be invited to send a representative with the next large conference occuring in 2010.

Year Hosting City Link to Specific Conference Page
1995 New York 1995 International Conference
1996 San Fransisco 1996 International Conference
1997 Montreal 1997 International Conference
1998 Atlanta 1998 International Conference
1999 Los Angeles 1999 International Conference
2000 Tokyo 2000 International Conference
2001 London 2001 International Conference
2002 Vancouver 2002 International Conference
2004 New York 2004 International Conference
2005 Portland 2005 International Conference
2006 Sydney 2006 International Conference
2007 Toronto 2007 International Conference
2008 Paris 2008 International Conference

National Conference

The national conference has been held annually since 2002. Currently it is being held in August and is attended by 1 or 2 representatives from each chapter. The 2008 conference will be hosted by the US 11 Seattle chapter from August 22nd to the 24th, 2008. A list of all previous conferences follows:

Year Hosting Chapter - City Link to Specific Conference Page
2002 US 7 Chicago 2002 National Conference
2003 US 11 Pacific Northwest - Seattle 2003 National Conference
2004 US 1 Washington D.C. 2004 National Conference
2005 US 13 Northern California - San Francisco 2005 National Conference
2006 US 14 Southern California - Los Angeles 2006 National Conference
2007 US 4 Southeast - Atlanta 2007 National Conference
2008 US 11 Pacific Northwest - Seattle 2008 National Conference
2009 US 7 Chicago 2009 National Conference

For a guide to hosting a national conference visit the Hosting a National Conference page

Regional Conferences

Regional Conferences are currently gatherings of 5 or more chapters in the same general region (typically eastern or western US) where the chapters can discuss matters that are more closely aligned with their particular situations. In 2007 the conferences were held immediately before and after the national conference because the main reason that the conferences are not held is transportation costs. With the transportation costs already paid for by the national conference funding, the regional conference funding could be applied towards other costs. However for 2008, CLAIR has made it known they do not want to continue this practice. A list of regional conferences is as follows:

Year Hosting Chapter - City Region
2000 US 11 Pacific Northwest - Seattle Pacific Northwest Regional Conference
2001 US 2 New York - Philadelphia Eastern Regional Conference
2007 US 4 Southeast - Atlanta Western Regional Conference
2007 US 4 Southeast - Atlanta Eastern Regional Conference
2008 US 8 Heartland Midwest Regional Conference

For a complete history of JETAA conferences through 2006 please refer to JETAA Conference History.doc

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