Career Day


Career Day is any event that helps returned JETs learn skills and information necessary to gain employment in the US. Several recruiting companies are interested in partnering with JETAAs in the US, namely Pasona and Interesse, and they can conduct resume and job skills workshops for JET Alumni.

Time / Location to hold event

We found the most success hosting this event on a Saturday afternoon on a local university campus. We also allow non-JET Alumni to attend these events and try to partner with professors who champion the JET program to reserve the space for us.


  • Advertise, advertise, advertise!
  • Network with local professors of Japanese and Asian studies, local consulate, and within alumni groups to find others who'd like to participate in these events.

Other comments

Sample Topics:

  • Resume writing for Japanese companies.
  • Resume writing in general.
  • Business etiquette for Japanese companies/US companies.
  • Inviting companies to present to JETAA members in your area (Japanese or US).
  • Touring companies as a group.
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