Camping Trip


The camping trip is a way for members to network on a deeper level. The main premise is to use a weekend to get to know each other better in the hopes that there can be more connectivity between members. The components of the camping trip includes Japanese culture, food and good ol' American camping fun. We call it camping, but it's actually cabining or lodging.

Time / Location to hold event

Choose a time that's most comfortable depending on your local climate. We choose late October of early May as our climate tends to be too hot and muggy in the summer and can get too cold in the winter. The location should be accessible within a few hours (by car/van/bus.)

It's also best to allow flexible arrival and departure, but officers who plan this event should stay the entire time, arriving early and leaving last.


Some lessons we've learned:

  • Make reservations as far in advance as possible.
  • Make JETAA member fees as low as possible.
  • Have hiking or something natural on Saturday afternoon planned.
  • To save on food costs, bring sandwich making ingredients and have sandwiches for Saturday afternoon.
  • Yaki Niku is an excellent dinner for Saturday night and very popular.

Other comments

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