2002 National Conference

2002 US National Conference / Chicago
This was the first conference for US chapters only, and representatives attended from almost every chapter. One of the central topics was again communications – with MOFA and CLAIR, with Japan related organizations and the local community, and among chapters.
The buddy system was discussed and was found to be not working very well. The idea had apparently been presented and adopted at the London conference as a way of making sure that all chapters were receiving communications on alumni matters. It was decided that chapters should continue to use the system and work to strengthen it.
Listserves, databases, and websites were discussed, and the uschapters and aadelegates yahoogroups were designated the two sanctioned sites for members. Chapters were encouraged to submit reports and contact information updates online, and to maintain archives of their newsletters, etc. on their sites. They were also encouraged to advertise their sites in “JET Streams” magazine and promote them to outbound JETs leaving for Japan. Development of a global database was postponed indefinitely due to technical, privacy, and regulatory issues.
There was much discussion about country reps. A motion had been passed the previous August stipulating that the two US reps serve a rotating, two-year, term, with one being elected each year. However, this was eventually dropped over concerns that nobody would/could commit to a two-year job.
Voting procedures were established for ‘amendments’ to the operating procedures in the US (since there are no US bylaws). Ideas were to be submitted at least one month ahead to moc.spuorgoohay|sretpahcsu#moc.spuorgoohay|sretpahcsu for discussion, voted upon, and the results announced by the country reps with one week. A 12 chapter quorum and 2/3 majority were required for passage.

Roles and responsibilities for the US Country Reps were established:

  • Maintain updated database of chapter contacts
  • Maintain updated listserve of US chapters
  • Communicate JETAAi info to US chapters
  • Support host chapters in funding, organizing, and planning national conferences
  • Vote on behalf of US chapters at International Conference
  • Coordinate voting by chapter reps
  • Provide leadership and guidance for JETAA
  • Keep records and document procedures
  • Submit a budget
  • Liaise with Japanese government organizations

A discussion was also held as to whether only country reps should attend the International Conference, and what this change would entail for their duties and expenses.

Roles and responsibilities for chapter reps were also established:

  • Disseminating info to chapter members (including conference reports)
  • Making sure contact info for listserves, etc. is up-to-date
  • Voting on behalf of the chapter
  • Participating in the US National Conference
  • Participating in committees & sub-committees at the national or international level
  • Maintaining buddy chapter contacts

An Operating Guidelines Committee was established to investigate:

  • Voting procedures
  • Chapter / country rep responsibilities
  • JETAA / JETAAi history and bylaws
  • Conference reports
  • Amendments to JETAAi bylaws
  • The buddy system and communications procedures
  • Funding procedures
  • Mission or vision statement

Voting in the Parliamentary Session determined that country reps can:

  • Be current or past chapter reps or officers
  • Be members of any chapter in the US (regardless of whether East or West)
  • Serve an unlimited number of one-year terms

A vote was also held resulting in the existing two- or three-chapter buddy system being retained, rather than adopting a four- or five-chapter regional grouping system. Another vote determined that, given the adoption at this conference of roles and voting procedures for country reps, the next ones would be elected, following the old system, at the next International Conference. However, the country reps currently in office would serve until the end of the International Conference, with their successors only taking over after the conference ended, and with the understanding that those new reps would only serve until the election at the next year’s National Conference.
It was also announced at this conference that MOFA would only fund one representative per chapter to the International Conference, and that CLAIR had raised the base Grant-in-aid amount to 200,000 yen per chapter, in order to make sure all chapters could attend the conferences. Multi-chapter Conference Grant-in-aid was also introduced in this year, as CLAIR’s funding mechanism for these regional and national conferences.
It was decided that Tracy Suzuki of Portland, one of the country reps, would look into what it might take to create a JETAA USA logo. JLGC asked the Manitoba/Saskatchewan chapter about their work in creating the Canadian logo, and passed this information along to Tracy.
JLGC’s North American Workshops were discontinued due to the introduction of the US National Conference on top of the Canadian Conference, with CLAIR simply receiving a session within the conferences for Grant-in-aid explanations, etc.

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